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Installation of Tally Prime ERP

Published on: 04-05-2022

Tally, as we all know, will release a new version of its software on November 9, 2020, but it will not be a major change. It is a completely distinct software that functions similarly to Tally ERP 9 but is more efficient and feature-rich. So, in this section, we will walk you through the Tally Prime installation, Upgrades, and Activation. 

Because it is entirely new software, it may operate independently. It is not dependent on its predecessor, Tally ERP 9. We realise you have a lot of questions concerning Tally Prime, such as how to activate a valid Tally ERP 9 licence for Tally Prime if you already have one. Alternatively, if you are a student and want to activate its Education version, or if you want to trial Tally Prime before purchasing it. 

We will go over all of these in this section. We will assist you even if you want to run both versions at the same time. If you are new to Tally Prime, we strongly advise you to read our extensive post about the new features and changes between Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9. 

Download Tally Prime
Until now, ERP 9 provided us with an in-built function that allowed us to easily update to the latest version of Tally without even downloading the main setup file. However, because Tally Prime is an entirely new product, we cannot upgrade it using the Tally ERP 9 inbuilt feature. 

Simply click here to get Tally Prime full version free download. You will find a setup.exe file in your download folder after downloading. This is the primary setup that we will use for Tally Prime Installation. 

Installation of Tally Prime
When you double-click the setup file, the Tally Prime setup Manager opens, displaying the application installation path. At the bottom, there are three buttons. C: Configure, O: Additional Actions, and U: Update / I: Install

           1, U: If you already have Tally ERP installed on your PC, please update.

           2, I: Install: if Tally is not already installed on your computer. 

This is a critical phase in the Tally Prime installation because it is here that you will pick whether you want to update it and overwrite your Tally ERP 9 or install a fresh copy. Tally ERP 9 should be upgraded to Tally Prime. If you already have Tally ERP 9 and want to update it, simply press the "U: Update" button, and your licence will be upgraded/migrated to Tally Prime immediately. 

Tally Prime Initial Setup
If you see the I: Install button instead of the U: Update button in Tally Prime Setup Manager, you are ready to begin a new installation. However, if you see U: Update instead of I: Install, it means you need to alter the installation path (will guide you about Enable GST in Tally for Company later). After changing the path, U: Update will immediately change to I: Install, and you can continue with the installation. Following that, click the I: Install button. It will begin the installation of Tally Prime on your PC.

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