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The difference in the company name connected to Tally.NET for remote access may be due to a connection error.

  1. Change the company name or the company display name.
  2. Reconnect the company to Tally.NET for remote access.

Single user license - One Tally.NET user

Multi user license - 10 Tally.NET users

A valid license for the server, an active TSS (Tally Software Services), and an Internet connection are required to access TallyPrime.

A broadband connection with a minimum speed of 512 kbps is recommended. However, the Internet speed to be increased based on the data volume and data getting transferred over internet. This will provide better experience.

The Account Administrator can disable the rights of a Tally.NET user, or even remove the username at any point of time.

Yes, a user can access the data from anywhere, provided the Company is connected to Tally.NET server and Internet is available on the client computer.

Yes. Security is ensured as follows.

  • The communication happens in an encrypted format using an algorithm (Modified DES) which is proprietary in nature and understood only by TallyPrime.
  • In Tally Remote Access the communication is established between the remote computer and the computer at your office using Encrypted XML over HTTP.
  • During remote access, the Tally.NET Server acts as a facilitator, and does not hold back any data or information.

There are certain limits on concurrent logins for different types of sessions - access Company data remotely.


Remote Company (Data Session)


One user per License


10 concurrent users* per License

Tally.Server 9

50 concurrent users* per License

*A Tally.NET User can log in to only one Remote Company at a time

The restrictions will be applied at Account-level.

So, if the Account is linked to:

  • 1 Silver License - 1 Remote Login Session
  • 1 Gold License - 10 Remote Login Sessions
  • 2 Silver Licenses - 2 Remote Login Sessions (1 Session per Silver License)
  • 1 Silver License and 1 Gold License - 11 Remote Login Sessions (1 Session for Silver License and 10 Sessions for Gold License)


ABC Company has a Gold License, hence can do 10 Remote Sessions at a time. The first 10 users can log in as remote users.

  • The 11th user will not be able to log in, as the number of Remote Login Sessions for a Gold License is limited to 10.
  • When the 11th user tries to log into a Remote Company, the following error message will be displayed:

There might be a scenario wherein a business owner also has a Silver License. In such cases, the limit of one Remote Login Session will apply.

Yes, you select the required report and print it on a local/network printer which is connected to the client machine.

  • On the remote computer, copy the Company logo file to the same path as mentioned on the server for the logo location.
    Create the required folder structure on the remote computer, if it does not exist.

Note : Changing the path of company logo file in Alt+P (Print) or click on Print from top menu bar > Press N (hotkey for Configuration) or click on Configuration > type or select Show Company Logo at the remote computer also changes the logo path on the server.