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Extend TallyPrime with TallyShop Add-Ons

Published on: 19-08-2022

TallyShop is a central marketplace where you can buy basic add-ons (addon/add on) developed by authorised Tally Partners for TallyPrime. You can also get upgrades for add-ons.

You can reach TallyShop through TallyPrime, or visit Tally Solutions webpage. You can download a trial version of the required add-on. If you find it useful, proceed to pay and buy.

The customised solutions are available in Silver (single user) and Gold (multi-user) editions, which can be used in the corresponding TallyPrime license.

Add-ons on TallyShop are broadly classified as follows:

  • Best Selling Add-ons: Displays the list of best selling add-ons available in TallyShop.
  • Recently Added Add-ons: Displays the latest add-ons that have been made available on TallyShop.
  • Top Categories: Displays the list of categories that are industry-specific, and mapped to different modules of TallyPrime.

Type of TallyShop Add-Ons

You can use the following subscription models.

  • Subscription: Licensed add-ons available at an annual subscription, which includes minor/major upgrades and technical support for the add-ons.
  • Upgrade: Revised/updated versions of add-ons available at a predefined prices.

Find Add-Ons on TallyShop

  1. Open your TallyPrime.
  2. Press F1 or click F1:Help on the Top Menu.
  3. Select TallyShop.
    Alternatively, press Ctrl+Alt+T (TDL Management) > press Ctrl+F6: Shop Add-Ons
    Searching TallyShop Add-Ons
  4. Move your mouse over any add-on to view details of the add-on.
  5. Find the required add-on.
    • Search for an add-on: Enter the required keywords in the search field. Click Find to display the list of add-ons matching your keywords.
      • Sort By:  Select Add-on NameAdd-on Price or Add-on Sale Count to view the list of add-ons in ascending or descending order of the selected option.
    • Detailed view: Click on any add-on to display the detailed information about the Add-On. On top panel you will see author’s name, Listed on date, Alias, nos Sold and trial & buying options. Below you will find add-on information like Highlights, Price Details, Description, and Requirements. At the end you will find download manual link.
    • Country-specific add-ons: Click Change, next to Country on the top right corner of the screen to view the add-ons supported for the selected country. On changing the country from India to any other, prices of the add-ons changes to American Dollars.
    • Edition-specific: Click Edition, on the top right corner of the screen to list the add-ons specific for Silver or Gold edition of the product.
    • Product: You can select the product as Tally.ERP 9 or TallyPrime for which you are looking for an Add-on. Retain as All to view all the available add-ons.
      Note: Some Add-ons may be common to TallyPrime and Tally.ERP 9. TallyPrime appears as the default selection.
    • Add-ons by groups:
      • Best Selling Addons: Under Options > Home, you can find a section for Best Selling Addons.
      • Recently added: Under Options > Home, you can find a section for Recently added add-ons.
      • Top Categories: Under Options > Home, you can find a section Top Categories, on the right-hand side of the screen.
    • Browse categories of add-ons: Click Options > Categories to select the required category. The add-ons in the selected category appear.
      • Add-on(s) by top developer: Under Options > Categories, you will find a section for Top developer (by sales), on the right-hand side of the screen.
    • Display: When you go to categories and click on any categories. You can choose to display All, Free, or Paid add-ons from the search results as required as shown below.
      Choose to Display All, Free, or Paid add-ons

Try TallyShop Add-ons

The Try option allows you to evaluate the add-ons for a period defined by the partner.

  1. Select the required add-on on the TallyShop screen.
  2. Click Try, and enter the account ID/serial number in the field provided.

The selected add-on will be mailed to the e-mail ID provided.

Buy Add-ons

You can buy add-ons from TallyShop by paying through debit card, credit card, or net banking.

  1. Select the add-ons you want to buy. Refer to Find Add-Ons on TallyShop to select the add-on.
  2. Select the required add-on.
  3. Click Buy.
    Buying on TallyShop
  4. Enter the Account ID/serial number in For Account ID / Serial Number.
  5. Click Retrieve to retrieve information about the Account ID/Serial Number.
  6. Select the type of purchase in the Type of Purchase.
  7. Select New License when you are purchasing a fresh license of Add-on.
    The Edition, Quantity, and Amounts are automatically pre-filled.
    Buying TallyShop Add-Ons

    For Multi Site license, you can alter the Edition and Quantity as needed.

  8. Enter billing details.
    Enter Billing Details While Buying

    If you quit TallyShop while items have been placed in the Shopping Cart, a message – Quit TallyShop? (Cart items will be lost) will be displayed. TallyShop will close on clicking Yes.

  9. Click Proceed to Pay.

  10. Select the required method of payment in the Payment Options, and complete the payment.
    Refer to Payment by Credit/Debit Card, Payment by Net Banking for the steps to make payment.

The Add-on purchased is added to the respective account.

You need to configure add-ons for multi-site licenses on the Control Centre.

Payment by Credit/Debit Card

When paying by credit/debit card, it is essential to select the preferred partner and provide the Debit/Credit card details in the payment gateway.

  1. Select the Payment Option as Credit Card/Debit Card.
    Payment Options
  2. Select the Preferred Partner from the List of Partners or Find Partner By Location/Keyword.
  3. Click on Proceed To Pay.
  4. Specify the required details in payment gateway screen.
    Payment Method to Buy TallyShop Add-ons
  5. Click Pay.

A confirmation message Payment Successful appears.

Payment by Net Banking

  1. Select the Payment Option as Net Banking.
  2. Select the Preferred Partner from the List of Partners or Find Partner By Location/Keyword.
  3. Click on Proceed To Pay.
  4. Select your preferred bank for payment, and click PROCEED.
    Payment by Net Banking
  5. Specify your net banking login details, and complete the payment.